• Roles and Responsibilities of Project Stakeholders
  • Establish Quality Policy
  • Establish Quality Objectives
  • Establishment of Quantitative Policy
  • Perform Shop Drawings and/or Plan Reviews 
  • Maintain Lines of Communication and Limits of Authority
  • Perform Routine QC Inspection Services
  • Perform Routine QC Testing 
  • Prepare Intermediate, and Follow-up Inspection Guidelines
  • Provide Necessary Resources to Meet Project Requirements
  • Prepare Project Materials Pre-approval and Tracking Procedures
  • Perform Non-Conforming, Deficiency and Non-Compliance Reporting
  • Continually Improve the Work Process and Deliverables

Overview of Services

PPM Group provides services to public agencies and private clients including Federal Government, Caltrans, Transportation Authorities, Education Institutions, Counties, Cities, Airports, Seaports, and Private Developments. PPM Group focuses on freeways, highways, rail, transit, ports, bridges, structures, public works, buildings, facilities, hospitality and utilities.

Established in 1987, the company was built on a solid foundation of successful construction projects to hundreds of satisfied clients. We have provided project management, design and construction of development, civil, and infrastructure projects, as well as development assistance and support involving commercial, residential, streets, roads, utilities, drainage, structures, and various infrastructure related projects.