Construction Inspection
  • Inspects and Oversight of Construction to Ensure Procedures and Materials Comply with Plans and Specifications
  • Contractor’s Activity Inspection and Documentation
  • Prepares Inspector’s Daily Report 
  • Exams Quality of Installations for Conformity to Standards and Specifications
  • Interprets Drawings and Specifications and Discuss Deviations
  • Maintain Neat, Accurate and Complete Records 
  • Active Participation in Project Meetings
  • Contractor’s Schedule Monitoring
  • Paint / Coating Inspection
  • Field Testing of Soils, Concrete and Asphalt, and Materials Sampling
  • Assist with Change Order Review and Completion
  • Monitors and Documents Materials Delivered and Incorporated into the Work
  • Specialty Inspections
  • Assist in Semi-final / Final Inspections
  • Prepares Punch List and Completion Monitoring
  • Assist with Smooth and Timely Project Close-Out

Overview of Services

PPM Group provides services to public agencies and private clients including Federal Government, Caltrans, Transportation Authorities, Education Institutions, Counties, Cities, Airports, Seaports, and Private Developments. PPM Group focuses on freeways, highways, rail, transit, ports, bridges, structures, public works, buildings, facilities, hospitality and utilities.

Established in 1987, the company was built on a solid foundation of successful construction projects to hundreds of satisfied clients. We have provided project management, design and construction of development, civil, and infrastructure projects, as well as development assistance and support involving commercial, residential, streets, roads, utilities, drainage, structures, and various infrastructure related projects.